Our Privacy Promise

Your Experience Is What Matters
Belle Air Mansion and Inn offers a personal and private experience. This six-acre property allows you to be close to downtown Nashville, yet still, be in a peaceful setting. There are quiet places to enjoy both inside the Mansion and on the grounds. You will be comfortable and relaxed with Belle Air’s intimate accommodations.

We Respect Your Privacy
We know that each person has their own expectations for their experience at Belle Air Mansion. We want to respect your privacy and only be there when you need or want us. While renovating and restoring this historic mansion, we designed a B&B where we would want to stay. In the mansion, the exterior and interior walls are solid brick and 2 feet thick. In the Retreat House, we insured privacy with extra soundproofing. Your experience at Belle Air Mansion will be serene and peaceful.

Private Entrances
The great thing about Belle Air Mansion is that 12 of our 15 rooms have direct access to outside without having to walk through the Mansion or a common area. Therefore you can explore the Mansion at your convenience, but can also be as private as you like.

We Are Available By Request
You may have been to a B&B that seemed to join you on your vacation when you really didn’t invite them. They take up your time telling you stories that you may not be interested in. We will not do that. We will tell you as much about the extensive renovation or about the 230-year history as you want. Want to know about the area, great restaurants, and venues, then we are happy to talk about that. We also have a welcome packet with information on tours, venues, great restaurants, and other activities that we email to you. Our default position is to not interfere in your vacation unless you want or need something. Being “hotel guests” ourselves, we knew that there was a great opportunity to provide the convenience and amenities of the very best hotels, but with the awesome personal touches and architecture of a historic B&B.

Automated Check-In and Out
We have automated check-in procedures for late check-ins and upon request. Our automated check-in process sends the guest an email and text message with Room number and name, directions to the room, code to get in the room, code to the mansion exterior doors, breakfast times, wifi name & password, and other useful information.

Breakfast Privacy
Do you worry about sitting down to eat at a big common table? Do you hate making small talk in the morning? We have that covered. With two large dining rooms, we offer a variety of seating options, including private tables for 2.  For large groups, we have a 20-foot table that seats 22 and another that seats 8. Our Nashville B&B is as private or as social as you want it to be.

Group Privacy
When your group stays at Belle Air Mansion, the privacy objectives for your trip are our primary concern. Our staff will not be on the property except when asked to for housekeeping duties, breakfast, or catering meals. We understand that some groups want complete privacy with no one else around and other groups may want breakfast or some housekeeping duties.

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