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What Makes Belle Air Mansion a Great Nashville Wedding Venue?

When it comes to choosing a Nashville wedding venue, you would be hard-pressed to match the stunning elegance of the Belle Air Mansion.  This exquisite Inn is so much more than just a place to get married. Originally built in the 1800s as a Greek Revival Antebellum mansion, Belle Air Mansion will lend the day a timeless elegance and the perfect blend of southern charm and modern elegance. 

Imagine your special day surrounded by the storied Antebellum history, stunning architecture, period furnishings, and impeccably maintained grounds of our Nashville wedding venue. It all blends perfectly together to set the perfect stage for romance.

From the moment you first arrive at our Nashville wedding venue, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into time to a bygone era of refined southern elegance and hospitality. Stage breathtaking photos on our grand spiral staircase, and later say “I do” surrounded by beautiful landscaping and magnificent 200-year-old trees and rose gardens on our picturesque 6-acre estate.

Our Nashville Wedding Venue is also a wonderful place to host all related wedding festivities, including rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and more.  With beautiful touches like hand-carved fireplaces, 13-foot ceilings, elegant period furnishings, and stunning sparkling chandeliers, you’ll find that the common spaces throughout our Nashville wedding venue are perfectly up to the task. 

Plan Now to get married in southern luxury at our Nashville Wedding Venue - it's one of the best wedding venues in Middle Tennessee

Our Nashville wedding venue offers a perfect blend of southern traditional charm and modern luxury. Five miles from downtown Music City, our stunning estate features a grand front porch, lush flowers, and several quaint intimate ceremony areas.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, you and your guests will enjoy the beauty and ambiance this exquisite Nashville wedding venue has to offer.

Belle Air Mansion is a photographer’s and Videographer’s dream. Our Nashville wedding venue has a natural charming appeal with ornate furnishings, fine antiques, and amazing architecture. There are built-in design elements and beautiful landscaping that will complement your wedding theme, which can help save time in decorating. The many lovely areas in and around this two-century-old Mansion give you the ultimate opportunity for the most amazing wedding pictures and videos.

We work with experienced and professional wedding planners, who will help you to build a customized wedding and reception that promises to be a unique reflection of who you are! As the years go by and it’s time to celebrate romantic anniversaries and other special occasions, return to the scene of your special day and celebrate your love in the beautiful guest rooms at Belle Air Mansion. We really do offer it all at our sensational Nashville wedding venue!

Celebrate with your friends and family at our Nashville wedding venue

Why choose a Destination Wedding at Belle Air Mansion?

Typical weddings are only a one-day celebration, and after a morning of getting glamorous, the bride and groom are really only with their guests for part of a day. That’s not necessarily the case when you choose our Nashville wedding venue! Having a destination wedding allows for you to spend a few days celebrating this special time. Whether it’s a four-day trip or a seven-day trip, you and your guests can celebrate at close-by Nashville music venues, restaurants, and many fun activities! The photographer and videographer will not only have photos of the wedding party walking down the aisle but of all the moments spent with friends and family throughout the week.

Remember your last vacation. Now think of your last vacation with all of your closest friends and family with you. Having a destination wedding allows for you to be on vacation with all your loved ones at the same time. You are not only in an exciting destination, but you also have your favorite people there to share the moment with.

Some of the many reasons we recommend a destination wedding at our Nashville Wedding Venue:

  1. Destination Weddings at our Nashville wedding venue are way more fun than local traditional weddings. Being on vacation at a beautiful mansion for several days just sounds way more entertaining than a few hours at the local church.
  2. You get a honeymoon, a wedding, and a holiday out of the experience. How about tripling up on a vacation, wedding and then spending extra days after your guest are gone to enjoy some honeymoon days with your partner.
  3. Planning a destination wedding is less stressful. You do not need to stress about the logistics of or organizing where to stay for your wedding party. They will stay at Belle Air Mansion, a comprehensive Nashville wedding venue, and Bed and Breakfast.
  4. Your wedding guests will be way more excited about attending your wedding. Your family and friends staying at the Mansion will be excited about going on vacation. The fact that you are getting married will make their trip even more special.
  5. Your wedding can last up to an entire week instead of a single day. How about several days of wedding celebrations? Sounds way more fun than having everything over in a single day and life is back to normal.
  6. You get to leave all the stress at home and enjoy your wedding. When you are staying at Belle Air Mansion, you leave all the stress of your regular life behind so you can focus on having fun and enjoying the special moment with your partner and loved ones.
  7. You can get married on any day of the week you want. Your wedding day does not have to be on a Saturday because everyone is working on weekdays, or on a Friday because that is the cheaper than the weekend. When you have a destination wedding, any day of the week is yours.
  8. Your wedding will be unique. It is no fun when your wedding pictures look almost the same as every other married person that you know. Same location, same photographer and the same décor from the same wedding planner. You get to be different.
  9. Having a destination wedding can be a great way to narrow your guest list. Sorry crazy cousin Jake, there are no more rooms left at the Mansion. Spend your special moment with the people that mean the most to you.
  10. You get to spend more time with your loved ones during your this special time. If you choose, you have several days to bond with your partner and your guests without any distractions.
  11. You have a beautiful place to come back to for your milestone anniversaries. The location you choose now becomes a special place in your relationship that you can return to for anniversaries or special vacations.
  12. Your guests that stay at the Mansion will never forget your wedding date because it was also a vacation for them. Among the dates people never forget, are there vacation dates. Your enchanted wedding day will now get added to that list of very special dates.
  13. You don’t have to drive anywhere after the wedding  You and your guest don’t have to worry about driving home or back to the hotel.
  14. You can create the fairytale wedding in paradise that you have always dreamed of. Be the envy of your friends with a lovely mansion wedding. Choose the theme, the setting and create that perfect wedding that sounds like a fairytale to everyone else.
    15. People will talk about your wedding for years. Your wedding will be a lot of fun for you and your wedding party. They will share the stories with others, and it will be the topic at social gatherings for years to come.
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