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Borrowed Ground: Your Exclusive Mansion Retreat


Looking to plan your next family holiday, a memorable vacation with friends, or a unique retreat for your team in Nashville? Look no further than Belle Air Mansion! With its unparalleled charm and array of luxurious amenities, Belle Air offers the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Whether you are seeking a serene escape or an adventure-filled getaway, our Mansion buyout option ensures an unforgettable experience tailored to your needs.

Step into a world of timeless elegance, where 200 year old wood floors, 27 dazzling chandeliers, and soaring 13-foot ceilings greet you with unparalleled grandeur. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of amazing architecture and exquisite antiques that adorn every corner, making your stay truly elevated and memorable.

Your group buyout at Belle Air Mansion includes an array of exclusive amenities tailored to ensure an unforgettable stay. With 16 luxurious guest rooms accommodating up to 40 guests, each boasting a private bath, every guest is guaranteed to utmost comfort and privacy.

Enjoy complete access to our sprawling 6-acre grounds, with four elegant dining/living areas- three within the Mansion and one outdoor veranda. Additionally, gather together in our two inviting sitting rooms, an outdoor pavilion, our relaxing front porch and numerous hidden nooks scattered throughout the property, offering secluded spot for moments of connection and tranquility.

Enhancing your group buyout experience, indulge in our daily breakfast included in your stay featuring a variety of Southern delights served fresh each morning. From traditional favorites to delectable surprises, our breakfast ensures your group starts each day in Nashville feeling rejuvenated and ready for adventure.

Nestled just minutes away from downtown Nashville, BNA Airport, and the iconic Grand Ole Opry, convenience meets extravagance at every turn.
To make your stay even more special, Belle Air can customize your groups itinerary packed with fun local activities perfect for groups. Check out more about Belle Air Experiences HERE.

Why settle for anything less when planning your stay in Music City? Elevate your experience with this unique mansion-turned Bed and Breakfast, where Southern hospitality meets unmatched splendor, ensuring a retreat you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Prices listed are typical costs for a house buyout, however we offer packaging and pricing options based on seasonal availability and multi-night stay.

Contact us at belleairinn@gmail.com or (615) 802-6698 with any questions.

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Belle Air Mansion

The Historic Belle Air Mansion, with its roots tracing back to 1790, proudly graces Nashville’s landscape as a timeless icon of the Greek Revival antebellum architecture. Over two centuries of history have enriched this elegant structure, making it one of Nashville’s cherished treasures. Adorned with classical columns and an awe-inspiring facade, the Belle Air Mansion transports visitors back to a time of opulence and sophistication. Its well-preserved design and immaculate interior reflect the craftsmanship of dedication of generations past. Nestled within lush grounds, this mansion exudes an air of timeless beauty and charm. Now operating as a luxurious Bed and Breakfast, the Belle Air Mansion welcomes guests to experience the allure of its historic halls.

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For more information or bookings contact us at belleairinn@gmail.com or (615) 802-6698

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Spring at Belle Air

Get ready to enjoy the Spring with the perfect experiences and activities in Nashville, tailored for both locals and guests of Belle Air Mansion. From horse back riding, elevated picnics, electric bike tours, and floral classes, we offer the best ways to experience Nashville’s vibrant season.

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