Explore the Most Fascinating Nashville Historic Sites

There’s a palpable sense of history in the South, and Music City is home to a fascinating selection of Nashville historic sites, landmarks, and iconic locations. From the stately elegance of antebellum mansions and plantations to the poignant stories of the Civil War, visitors are granted an intimate look into the lives of those who shaped the history of Nashville and the South.

One of those impressive structures is the Belle Air Mansion, just about five miles from downtown Nashville. Built in 1832, Belle Air is one of the few remaining Greek Revival antebellum mansions in Nashville. This structure began as a modest four-room house in the early 1800s (you’ll see this original structure on your visit) constructed with hand-made brick with lime and horsehair mortar. In 2016, the mansion went through a full restoration, returning to its original grandeur. It now stands as a gathering space, bed and breakfast, and monument to a bygone era.

While a historical tour of Belle Air Mansion is possible, there’s no better way to fully experience the atmosphere of this historic site in Nashville than by staying for a weekend getaway or extended vacation. There are 15 immaculate guest rooms in the Main and Retreat House for a relaxing and restful retreat. You’ll soak up the history and luxury, just as many prominent Southern families did centuries ago. Book your lodging today!  

Nashville Historic Sites

Learn More at these Nashville Historic Sites for Tours

Visiting the top Nashville historic sites is almost like walking through the pages of an American history book, each serving as a chapter filled with tales of prosperity, strife, innovation, and resilience. These landmarks highlight the architectural evolution of the South and underscore the complex narratives of the people who inhabited them.

Here are a few fascinating Nashville historic sites not to miss:

  1. Belle Meade Plantation: The Greek Revival mansion, set amidst a picturesque estate, narrates the history of Southern hospitality and horse breeding. This is one of the Nashville historic sites where you’ll find more than just stories; be sure to visit the winery for a tasting as well! 
  2. Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage: The former home of President Andrew Jackson, this plantation estate offers a glimpse into early 19th-century Southern life. The Hermitage features an impressive mansion, garden, and museum, providing insights into Jackson’s presidency and personal life.
  3. Belmont Mansion: Situated within the grounds of Belmont University, this Italianate villa was the 19th-century home of Adelicia Acklen, one of the wealthiest women of the era. Today, it stands as a museum showcasing Victorian art and architecture.
  4. The Parthenon in Nashville: Located in Centennial Park, this iconic structure is the crown jewel, surrounded by sweeping lawns and walking trails. 
  5. Two Rivers Mansion: A prime example of Italianate architecture, Two Rivers Mansion is nestled within a scenic park, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle of the affluent McGavock family during the 19th century.
  6. Ryman Auditorium: Originally a church built in the late 19th century, this venue is steeped in musical history, having hosted the Grand Ole Opry for decades. It symbolizes Nashville’s musical heritage, with tours offering insights into its historic stage and architecture.
  7. Cheekwood Estates: This 55-acre historic estate features a Georgian-style mansion turned museum, surrounded by stunning botanical gardens. This cultural landmark offers a glimpse into the luxury of the early 20th century. 
  8. Honky-Tonks on Broadway: Not all Nashville historic sites are quiet retreats. In fact, some of the most iconic buildings are on Broadway, blasting live country and blues until all hours of the night. Strolling along this lively street is a must on any visit to Music City. 
Nashville Historic Sites

Immerse Yourself In History at our Nashville Bed and Breakfast

The owners handled the restoration of Belle Air Mansion with the utmost care and profound respect. From its stunning chandeliers to the original rosewood doors, visiting the mansion will take you on a journey back in time. As an overnight guest, you’ll witness first-hand the combination of modern amenities set to a historic backdrop. We paid extra attention to keeping the mansion’s original details but added everything you need for a relaxing retreat in our current era. 

Staying at one of the best Nashville historic sites will be an unforgettable experience, especially with our welcoming and talented hospitality professionals taking care of all of the details. We also have the option of our digital concierge, which can answer any questions leading up to your stay. This is just one of the modern updates at our Nashville bed and breakfast. We have fantastic high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property as well.

Choose from 15 guest room options, including spacious suites and cozy rooms for those on a budget. The Bronze Tranquility Room is perhaps our most opulent suite, often booked by couples celebrating their honeymoon or those on romantic getaways. However, all of our rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, luxurious linens, and high-end amenities. All guests are treated to a homecooked breakfast each morning as well. Book your lodging today!

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