Breakfast at Belle Air

Enjoy a delicious Southern breakfast in the Historic Belle Air Mansion!



Step into the inviting atmosphere of Belle Air Mansion and indulge with a set, deliciously crafted plate. Traditionally reserved for our esteemed B&B guests, we’re extending the invitation to you! Picture yourself enjoying a carefully crafted plated dish in the opulent setting of our mansion dining rooms or amidst the fresh air on our picturesque veranda.

The daily breakfast offering will be the only thing served that monring. To ensure everyone’s enjoyment, we happily cater to allergies, guarenteeing a delightful and inclusive breakfast experience.

Your seat at Belle Air awaits!

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The Historic Belle Air Mansion, with its roots tracing back to 1790, proudly graces Nashville’s landscape as a timeless icon of the Greek Revival antebellum architecture. Over two centuries of history have enriched this elegant structure, making it one of Nashville’s cherished treasures.

Adorned with classical columns and an awe-inspiring facade, the Belle AIr Mansion transports visitors back to a time of opulence and sophistication. Its well-preserved design and immaculate interior reflect the craftsmanship of dedication of generations past. Nestled within lush grounds, this mansion exudes an air of timeless beauty and charm.

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